Clean and Healthy Living Behavior that is Easy to Do

Clean and healthy living behavior contributes to the quality of a person’s health and the surrounding environment. This behavior needs to get used to getting the benefits.

Clean and Healthy Living Behavior that is Easy to Do

In daily life, we may not fully apply clean and healthy living behaviors. Even though the practice is quite simple and can become a habit if done continuously. Everyone needs to realize this behavior is very important to create a healthy environment.

Clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS) are all health behaviors carried out because of personal awareness to achieve a clean and healthy life. The goal of PHBS is to improve and maintain the quality of public health.

Its application can be done in the family environment, schools, workplaces, health facilities, and public places.

What are clean and healthy living behaviors (PHBS)?

Clean and healthy living behavior can be started by oneself, namely by doing good and simple habits. The following behaviors include PHBS.

1. Wash hands with soap

Clean and healthy living behavior can be started by washing hands with soap. Hand washing can prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases.

Washing hands with soap is especially important after using the toilet when cooking and before eating, after sneezing and coughing, after cleaning up trash or gardening, and when returning home or arriving at other people’s homes.

Liquid soap is better for washing hands than bar soap, especially in public places such as the workplace. Use running water so that your hands are optimally clean.

Washing hands with soap is better than using hand sanitizer. If clean water and soap are not available, make sure to use a hand sanitizer with a minimum alcohol content of 60%.

2. Using clean water

Clean water is a basic human need. Its existence is very important to support the implementation of clean and healthy living habits, as well as human welfare.

Clean water is used for drinking and household purposes. Polluted water and poor sanitation pose a risk of transmitting diseases, such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, polio, and so on. Therefore, make sure that clean water is always available at home for a clean and healthy life.

3. Using a clean toilet

Using the toilet to urinate and defecate is also a clean and healthy lifestyle. Throwing poop in the toilet is a good habit. This behavior makes the environment clean and odorless and clean water sources are not polluted.

Open defecation due to the unavailability of latrines for families also has the potential to transmit diseases, such as diarrhea, typhus, and intestinal worms.

In addition to using the toilet, the cleanliness of the toilet and bathroom also needs attention. Toilets and bathrooms are vulnerable to becoming a nest of bacteria and viruses. So, a healthy house must have clean sanitation.

4. Eradicate mosquito larvae

Mosquito bites are a source of disease, ranging from dengue fever (DHF), malaria, Zika, and elephantiasis, to chikungunya.

To avoid mosquito bites, it is necessary to eradicate mosquitoes from their larvae. This starts with keeping the house and the surrounding environment clean, such as doing 3M, namely draining water reservoirs, closing them, and burying used items that have the potential to collect water.

5. Consumption of nutritious food

Consuming nutritious food also includes a clean and healthy lifestyle. The body gets adequate nutrition thereby reducing the risk of developing dangerous diseases and other health problems.

Nutritious food is also important for pregnant and lactating women, the elderly, and children who are still growing. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the food consumed and how to process it properly.

6. Exercise regularly

Another clean and healthy lifestyle is exercising regularly. Exercise makes the body healthier, such as increasing endurance and strengthening bones and muscles.

Not only that, but regular exercise is also beneficial for improving sleep quality, reducing stress, and maintaining ideal body weight.

7. No smoking

As is well known, smoking can hurt health. Not only your health, but other people who become passive smokers also have health problems.

Smoking can increase the risk of heart, lung, mouth, and throat disease. It’s better to stop smoking to maintain the health of yourself and your family.

PHBS indicator for mother and child

Several indicators can be used as a reference for success in carrying out a clean and healthy lifestyle, this includes the welfare of mothers and children. Here are the indicators.

1. Delivery with the help of a health worker

Delivery with the help of medical personnel is useful for reducing the risk of death for mothers and babies. Medical personnel such as doctors or midwives have standards in the actions and use of sterile delivery equipment. Thus, the infection can be prevented and mothers can give birth to their babies safely.

2. Exclusive breastfeeding

Breast milk or breast milk is a very important source of intake for babies aged 0 to 6 months. It is called exclusive breastfeeding because babies are only given breast milk without any additional food.

In this phase, it is necessary to pay attention to breastfeeding so as not to interfere with the child’s growth and development. This is because exclusive breastfeeding is beneficial for increasing the baby’s immunity and helping the baby’s brain and physical development.

3. Weigh infants and children regularly

Weighing babies from 0 to 6 years old needs to be done regularly at the Posyandu. This is to detect malnutrition in children. This can be seen from the child’s weight or height whether it is appropriate for his age. By going to Posyandu regularly, the growth and development of children will be monitored.

4. Provide immunization

Immunization is an important step so that children get immunity against certain diseases, such as polio, measles, or hepatitis B. Immunizations start from birth and are given routinely according to the child’s age. With immunization, children don’t get sick easily and their growth and development are not disturbed.

The benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle

By implementing and getting used to clean and healthy behavior, there are some benefits to be gained.

1. Avoid disease

When a person gets into the habit of living a clean and healthy life, both himself and the surrounding environment also become clean and healthy. The body’s immune becomes stronger. You will avoid various viruses and bacteria so you don’t get sick easily.

2. Increase productivity

A healthy body and a clean environment help increase one’s productivity, both at school and work. This can support the smooth teaching and learning process of children at school. Clean and healthy living habits also contribute to creating a positive and productive work environment.

3. Supports child development

Maintaining cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle in the family environment can improve the welfare of family members. Children are adequately nourished so that they can grow and develop properly and healthily.

This also simultaneously prevents stunting, namely failure to thrive in children due to malnutrition. One of them is characterized by a child’s height that does not match his age due to slow growth.

4. Creating a healthy environment

Clean and healthy living behavior can create a healthy environment. Home and living environment to be clean and comfortable. The spread of disease in the community can also be prevented.

So, various clean and healthy behaviors can be applied in everyday life. Believe that all the good things you do will come back to you.

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